Melissa - Breakin' The Ice

1.That's why the Lord made us friends (Charles Bosarge) 2.Hand in hand (Mark Boldwin, Tim Akers, Kathy Trocolli) 3.Caught up Leonard Ahistrom Don Kock and Lauren Stalnecker 4.God is my refuge and strength (Melissa Etnyre, Mark Pay, Steve Millikan) 5.I've got the joy (Melissa Etnyre, Mark Pay, Joe Hogue) 6.Whatcha, whatcha doin´ (Steve Roberson) 7.Obedience (Tom Wanca, David Ervin) 8.In you (Clarie Cloninger, Mark Boldwin, Tommy Greer) 9.Listen to your heart (Brent Lamb) 10.I'd rather have Jesus (Rhea F. Miller e George Beverly Shea)
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